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         Vinyl Application


Vinyl Application




-        Your application must be applied correctly the first time.

-        Do not touch the sticky side of your vinyl design.

-        The design may be applied to the outside of a window/glass or any other non-porous surface.

-        Carefully clean the surface where the design will be applied.

-        Window cleaner will work fine.

-        Make sure the surface is dry & free of debris.

-        Measure the area before applying the design.

-        Remove the application tape from the back of the design very carefully.

-        Apply the design in one direction (from edge to edge) with consistent pressure.

-        Next use a flat edge (such as a credit card) to ensure the design did adhere to the surface.  Work the flat edge from the center out until all edges are pressed.

-        Slowly remove the application tape in one direction.  Pull slowly towards the side, not straight up.

-        Check for vinyl peeling as you peel the application tape from the design.


Limit of Use


-        Vinyl designs should only be applied once.

-        Damage will occur to the vinyl design should you try to adjust or remove the design.

-        Use of vinyl may cause damage to tinted windows or other similar layered or painted surfaces.

-        Customers assume any risk of property damage from the application or removal of vinyl designs.

-        Vinyl designs are made to withstand most outdoor conditions for approximately 5-7 years, with proper installation.  (Some fluorescent colors made fade quicker than others)

-        When washing around the vinyl design, avoid contact with solvents as damage could occur.